Bracelet Sizing and Adjusting Instructions

Bracelet Sizing and Adjusting Instructions

Harmony Bracelets are sized to fit an average adult's wrist.  If you have a large wrist, indicate that in the comments section of your order, and we'll send a larger one.  If you have a smaller wrist, or are buying one for a child, the bracelets can be re-sized in a few easy steps.


To cut down a Harmony Bracelet.  Follow these easy instructions.

If you’re under 18, have an adult supervise!  Not responsible for injury or death.   

(not really dangerous - just covering bases)


Below is the short version, and a long version for engineers.  


Short Version:

  1. Adjust.
  2. Cut.
  3. Melt end and flatten.


Long version - for engineers. 


  1. Gather the following:  Candle, sharp scissors, ceramic plate or similar object with a flat, durable surface.  
  2. Measure twice, cut once!  You can’t make it bigger, but you can always go a little smaller, so it’s better to cut off a little bit at a time, then follow the steps below.  
  3. Pull the material a ways through the back of the buckle.  Use sharp scissors, and cut one end only.  
  4. Gently pull the material back toward the buckle, leaving 1/4th inch or so of material sticking out.
  5. Hold the newly cut end near a small flame (candle or lighter).  Do not stick into the flame, and try not to let it catch on fire.  This material is flammable!  If it flames up, stay calm, blow it out and proceed.
  6. The idea is to heat the newly cut end just enough to liquify a small glob on the end.  How big?  Look at the other end.  Once you have the small, liquid glob, you must gently flatten it on the plate or other hard, durable surface - before it solidifies.  Hold it flat, count to 10, then remove.  Your newly adjusted Harmony Bracelet is ready to be worn.